Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally Settled!

Our simple kitchen packed up and moved toward the middle of state!

We're so glad to be "home" and settled.  I'm ready to get back in the kitchen, eat at home, stay put for a little while.

Today is shopping day.  The kids and I hit Trader Joes and Aldi this morning.  I have a few more things to grab at either Walmart or Food Lion once Chris gets home.

Here's our meal plan (only for suppers) through the end of the month.

August 18:  Meal with the Kinetic Church staff
August 19:  Family night - pizza (using Trader Joe's pizza dough, tomato basil marinara and fresh mozzarella)
August 20:  Slow cooker BBQ chicken (recipe to follow) sandwiches with slaw and chips
August 21:  Leftovers/sandwiches/cereal

August 22:  Roast beef sandwiches, roasted garlic potatoes and smoothies
August 23:  Zucchini Crescent Pie
August 24:  Shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta (this is totally new for us)
August 25:  Sloppy Joes over baked potatoes
August 26:  Veggie night!  Maybe roasted carrots, corn on cob, peas?
August 27:  (Nanama and Papa will be here!)  Lasagna soup with salad
August 28:  Leftover/sandwiches/cereal or out to eat?

August 29:  Grilled pesto chicken, cheese tortellini and salad
August 30:  Grilled pork chops, green beans, mashed sweet potatoes
August 31:  Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken, rice, broccoli

Hope you get some good ideas!  Happy cooking.

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