Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where We Cook

Here's a glimpse into our simple kitchen. These photos were taken just before we sat down for supper.

Fridge loaded with picture Christmas cards and leapfrog learning magnets.That basket on top is where I keep recipes I want to try and ones I need to add to my "favorites - must make again book". Toaster oven, percolator, coffee grinder and a bag of decaf Christmas blend.  That's my favorite spot in the mornings! On back of the stove you'll find salt, pepper, baking soda and cinnamon sugar.
That's a pot of broccoli cheese soup on the stove. 

The knives are waiting for their friend wooden cutting board to be replaced.  I'm leaning towards bamboo but still need to do a little research.

Bright, red Kitchenaid mixer...best Christmas gift ever! Fruit basket.

That cookbook in the window sill...Pioneer Woman.  If you don't have it, go buy it.
Dishes from supper already washed and drying.
Bib from lunch air-drying.

Recyclables waiting to be taken to the bin.
 Laundry/storage closet.
"Live Simply" wooden sign - a good reminder.
The kitchen table.  I remember sitting at this same table when I was a little girl...specifically spilling a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup in my lap.  Later it was the kids' table at Nana's house.
Pictures of our incredibly cute kids on the wall.  A fairly recent addition that we all love.

It's usually pretty clean because our living room opens right to it. It bugs me to leave a mess in there when I can see it. Guess that would be a benefit of a less open floor plan.

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