Saturday, January 8, 2011

Perfect Coffee

All coffee is not created equal.  I'm pretty sure I prefer a bolder bean.  The Christmas Blend from Starbucks is my favorite!  We always buy decaf whole beans to grind and brew at home.  I started buying decaf everything when I was pregnant with Silas and we just never went back.

I learned how to make coffee from my mama.  Follow these directions and you'll end up with a great cup of coffee!

  • Remember that grinding whole beans right before you brew (or in our case, percolate).  The finer you grind the beans, the stronger the flavor will be  will give you a very fresh taste.
  • Measure out water using a measuring cup...not the cup measure marks on your coffee pot.
  • Measure out ground coffee with a tablespoon measuring spoon.
We've found that making 4 cups of coffee is the perfect amount for us.  It fills up each of our 16oz to-go mugs.  This is what we do:
  • Measure out 4 cups of cold water.
  • Measure out 5 tablespoons of coffee.
  • Let the percolator do the rest of the work.
  • Pour brewed coffee into mug of choice and add creamer, sugar, flavorings to your liking.  For me it's enough hazelnut flavored creamer to turn it a medium caramel color, no sugar.
Basically, you want to do one more tablespoon of coffee than cups of water you put in.  (6 tbsp for 5 cups, 7 tbsp for 6 cups, etc)  

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