Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ever Tried Turkey Bacon?

I love when I find a store sale that matches up with a coupon in my wallet!  It happened last week at Harris Teeter with Butterball turkey bacon.  I'd tried turkey bacon before (at Starbucks) but never cooked it at home.  For $1 a package I figured it was a good time to try it out.

The verdict?
I believe I prefer it.  There's less grease.  It's better for you.  It tastes good.

I cooked some up this morning.  I scrambled a couple of eggs.  I put a spread of apple butter on my homemade bread, added the bacon and eggs and topped with a slice provolone and a second piece of bread to make a sandwich.  It went into the toaster oven for a few minutes and came out slightly crunchy and ready to be enjoyed.  The combination of the provolone and the apple good!


  1. We LOVE turkey bacon. And actually, Food Lion's brand has been my favorite of the kinds that we have tried. Oh and THANKS for the category listings! :)

  2. Turkey pepperoni is good too! I like to keep that around for pizza, sandwiches, and snacks :)

  3. That's the only kind of bacon I will buy. Our family likes it. I like that it's not quite as salty OR greasy.

    Not to mention that the thought that, when I do have real bacon, the clear strips are pure fat. That's enough to make me feel a terrible guilt and disgust about eating it.

  4. We also use only turkey pepperoni. My kids can't even tell the difference.