Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gluten Free, Dairy Free.....and Soy Free?

Forgive my absence.  My brain has been trying to get wrapped around how to provide snacks/meals for our family since we found out our youngest has gluten and dairy sensitivities and possibly a soy too.

We had her tested because I had read some information on the correlation of allergies (think runny nose, breathing issues, etc) and gluten.  She'd also had several random vomiting issues that we noticed came after she had lots of dairy.  Indeed, she tested sensitive to these...not allergic.  There's a difference.  We've read books, consulted web sites, talked to friends and experimented ALOT!

We switched her to soy milk once we learned of the dairy sensitivity.  She liked it but with it came awful bowel issues.  Soy milk out, lactose free milk in.  No problems.  I have since discovered that she likes almond milk (which I can almost always find a coupon for and is lactose and soy free).  My suspicions were that maybe her body couldn't handle soy.  I believe that's been confirmed.

SO - we're still trying to figure out what to do.  We've really tried to keep soy out of the way since we know that causes stomach issues.  We've experimented with adding in gluten and dairy occasionally and that seems to be working.

What does this mean?
She eats a lot of fresh stuff.  A lot of veggies.  A lot of fruit.  A lot of nuts.  A lot of things that are good for you.  (we should all eat more like her).  A good rule of thumb is that if it's in a box or can, processed, pre-packaged, she probably shouldn't have it.

How has she done?
Great!  She's a trooper.  She's always preferred what is safe for her to eat so it's not been a huge transition for her.

I'll be posting more things that are safe for her on the blog and will start a new "label" on the side.

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