Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Week's Eats

B:  poptarts, bagels or oatmeal
L:  pizza at church
S:  leftovers from the weekend

B:  blueberry muffins, yogurt
L:  pbj sandwiches, chips, fruit
S:  Grilled pork loin, steamed edamame (this is new for us), corn

B:  oatmeal or cereal
L:  salad or quesadillas
S:  homemade tomato soup in bread bowls (which I'll attempt to make as well), fruit

B:  blueberry muffins, smoothies
L:  turkey and cheese sandwiches, chips/salsa
S:  chicken divan casserole (from the freezer), salad, fruit

B:  eggs and toast
L:  leftovers or sandwiches
S:  in Wilson or on the road

Friday - Sunday
out of town

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